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Our Chair:

Riazuddin Ahmed

Dear Members and Fellow Canadians

As a chairperson of Canadian Muslims for Peace and Justice, I realize that our organization has never been more relevant and important. Our main objective is “to promote and articulate the Canadian Muslims’ interests on matters of peace and justice, and to integrate Canadian muslims as a part of mainstream Canadian society”.

Over the years we have strived to educate and inform our fellow Canadians about the universal and social values of Islam in regards to peace and justice.

I am so proud of all the achievements of CMPJ over last 7 years. We are proud and honoured to have collaborated with the University of Calgary. We have witnessed a great working relationship to bridge and create an understanding about Canadian muslim affairs amongst the main stream society. Whether it was donations to the university to create 2 scholarships for post graduate students, or conducting a lecture series about Islamic culture, or hosting a seminar about the uprising of extreme right wing movement, or conducting a research about racism, all our initiatives were very well received both by the academia and community, including our youth. Thank you members for your participation and enthusiasm in all of the initiatives. Thank you to the University of Calgary for such an amazing working relationship. And thank you to our community for all the support. I would like to give a special shout out to our board members for all of their tireless volunteer work on and behind the scenes. I look forward to an amazing year ahead. We have many exciting projects in the making. Stay tuned and stay safe.