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    Fundraising Event for the Rohingya Muslim Refugees

    Nov 21,2017

    Calgary, Alberta

    The Chair of the CMPJ Dr. Sameena Kamran , with two other Muslim lady doctors Fauzia Alvi, and Fizza Rafiq visited the Rohingya refugee camp in Bangladesh. On their return CMPJ organized a press conference and fund raising event for the Rohingya Muslim Refugees in Calgary. The three lady doctors briefed the participants about the sufferings and human rights violations Rohingya Muslims have suffered at the hands of the Myanmar government. This event was attended by provincial, municipal, civic and Muslim community leaders and about 100 community members. Later the province of Alberta donated $20,000 for medical aid for the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. A CMPJ Board member facilitated the provincial grant application process, and the funds were received by the charitable Muslim Council of Calgary and medical supplies were delivered to the refugee camp by the ICNA Relief, a Canadian registered charity.

    This work is an example of how CMPJ partners and works with other Muslim organizations in Calgary on peace and justice matters.