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    CMPJ Condemns Attack on Christians in Jaranwala District, Pakistan

    Aug 18,2023

    Calgary, Alberta

    The Canadian Muslims for Peace and Justice (CMPJ) strongly condemns the recent mob attack on a church and individual properties of local Christians in the Jaranwala district of Faisalabad city, Pakistan. On August 16, 2023, a group of Muslim individuals carried out this attack based on an unproven claim of blasphemy against the holy Quran.

    The CMPJ recognizes that the government of Pakistan, along with political leaders and the Clerics of the Council of Islamic Ideology in Pakistan, have condemned this violent act. We appreciate the efforts of the authorities in arresting 140 suspects who are believed to have participated in the mob attack. However, we emphasize that these routine responses alone are not enough to address the root causes of such incidents.

    The Government of Pakistan is looking in to those who actively incited the Muslim community to attack their Christian neighbors, alleging blasphemy against the Quran. This highlights the urgent need for the government of Pakistan to review and amend its blasphemy laws, which are often exploited to justify violence against innocent individuals.

    Furthermore, the CMPJ calls upon the government to enact legislation that would require local mosque trusts and boards to raise funds from the Muslim citizens of any locality where such violence occurs. These funds should be utilized for restitution and support to the victims, holding the local Muslim community accountable for their unlawful actions.

    The CMPJ firmly believes in promoting peace, justice, and harmony among all communities. We stand in solidarity with the affected Christian citizens in Jaranwala and urge the government of Pakistan to take decisive action to ensure the safety and protection of religious minorities within the country.