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    Statement on Recent Conflict in the Middle East

    Oct 18,2023

    Calgary, Alberta

     [Calgary, AB] - Considering the ongoing situation between Hamas and Israel, it is crucial to emphasize the significance of upholding humanitarian principles and protecting innocent lives. We believe in fostering understanding and promoting peace in times of conflict. Canadian Muslims for Peace and Justice (CMPJ) is a not for profit society registered in Alberta since 2017. One of its objectives is to express the views and concerns of Canadian Muslim on matters that concerns them within Canada and outside of Canada in the realm of Peace and Justice.

    The total blockade of Gaza by shutting water, power, food, and medical supplies has been called by the UN as a war crime. Indiscriminate bombing of homes, hospitals, schools, and mosques, as well as civilian infrastructure in Gaza, is a total war disallowed by the Geneva Conventions and a war crime.

    It is imperative to stress that no civilian should ever be targeted. The safety and well-being of innocent individuals, regardless of their nationality or affiliation, should always remain paramount. We urge all parties involved to exercise restraint and ensure that actions taken are in line with international humanitarian law.

    Equally important is the prohibition of banned weapons. The use of such weaponry not only inflicts immense harm on individuals but also poses a significant threat to the long-term safety and stability of the region. We implore all parties involved to adhere to international conventions and agreements, ensuring the non-utilization of banned weapons in any circumstances.

    Our primary goal is to promote peace, understanding, and the well-being of all Israelis and Palestinians affected by the current situation. By adhering to the principles of sparing civilians, safeguarding health facilities and refuge areas, refraining from using banned weapons, and supporting the UN investigation of hospital bombing, we believe that progress towards a peaceful resolution can be achieved.

    CMPJ calls upon the government of Canada to demand an immediate ceasefire by Israel and Hamas, and an international conference under the UN auspices for a two-state solution to the conflict and a lasting Just Peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

    Dr. Sameena A Bajwa

    Chair, Canadian Muslims for Peace and Justice