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    CMPJ Meeting with Ms. Amira Elghawaby, Canada's Special Representative for Combating Islamophobia

    Nov 02,2023

    Calgary, Alberta

    CMPJ had a constructive meeting with Ms. Amira Elghawaby, who serves as Canada's Special Representative for Countering Islamophobia, during her visit to Calgary on November 1, 2023. The discussion revolved around recent incidents targeting Muslims throughout Canada and the imperative to collaborate with leaders at the local, provincial, and national levels in order to tackle this issue.

    Ms. Elghawaby has actively been engaged in raising awareness about Islamophobia in Canada. She recently shared a LinkedIn post concerning a gathering of hundreds of Canadian Muslim healthcare workers in Toronto. They discussed the challenges they confront, including discrimination and job loss, and explored ways to address these issues. Ms. Elghawaby has also been vocal about the impact of 9/11 on Muslim communities in Canada and the necessity of fostering understanding and support during that period. Our conversation extended to the feelings of Muslims and Arabs in Canada, as they perceive their human rights and civil liberties being violated while facing hate and reprisals due to events in Gaza. Ms. Elghawaby mentioned her discussions with senior Canadian Government officials, including the Prime Minister of Canada, on these concerns to safeguard our civil liberties and ensure that Canadians are not marginalized. Every Canadian has the right to live in peace, free from fear.

    During our meeting, we emphasized the significance of cooperation among various levels of leadership to effectively combat Islamophobia. This involves working closely with local community leaders and all tiers of government to implement policies and initiatives that foster inclusivity and address the underlying causes of Islamophobia.

    CMPJ expresses gratitude for the opportunity to engage in this dialogue with Ms. Elghawaby and eagerly anticipates continuing the effort to combat Islamophobia in Canada.