Welcome to the CMPJ

CMPJ Members believe in and support:

  • The pluralistic and democratic institutions of Canada, and national security.
  • Respect for human life and treatment of all human beings as equal.
  • Free choice of beliefs and religion as a matter of conscience and a fundamental human right.
  • The upholding of DIGNITY of all fellow human beings.
  • Promoting mutual security and PEACE for the world.

CMPJ Objective

CMPJ shall strive to achieve the following objectives:

  • To enlighten Canadian Muslims, particularly youth on the universal message of Islam that all forms of human diversity, including diverse religions, are according to the Divine Will. Also that the Creator (Al-Khaliq in Arabic) enjoins universal peaceful coexistence among humankind on His earth.
  • Educate and inform fellow Canadian Muslims and other Canadians about Islam’s universal humanistic and social values of Peace and Justice for all.
  • To support and promote Canadian Muslim integration into the mainstream Canadian society while maintaining Muslim identity.
  • Interact with other communities and organizations to create better understanding and develop harmonious relationships between Canadian Muslims and other citizens of Canada.
  • Serve as a bridge to create understanding about the Canadian Muslim affairs amongst the mainstream Canadian society.
  • Educate and inform the public about the Canadian Muslim perspective on peace and justice issues and on Canadian public affairs important to the Muslim community.
  • Enhance and protect Canadian national security.
  • Conduct and or enable research, education, training, and information exchange on the following:
    1. Need of PEACE as a prerequisite condition for human development and economic prosperity.
    2. Cost of VIOLENT ideological global & regional geopolitics to the national and international human, social and economic capital.
    3. Evolution of meaning and achievement of JUSTICE in human civilizations.
    4. Interrelationships between JUSTICE and human development and prosperity.
    5. Counter all social, political and or religious narratives justifying violence.
    6. Limits of military power in a world with Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD).
    7. Evolution of pluralism in human civilizations.
    8. Dialogue of civilizations in pursuit of peace.
    9. Counter all social, cultural and religious basis for misogyny.
    10. Transformation of socio-economic conditions and human rights of women in early and contemporary Judeo-Christian-Islamic civilizations.
    11. Prevalence of fear and hate of the “other” and how it is addressed in different civilizations.
  • Research and study findings on the above will be disseminated through conferences, seminars and scholarly publications.


Guiding Principles:



Shall promote and actively seek equal participation of Muslim men and women in all affairs of the organization, including in leadership



Shall conduct all of its affairs according to Islamic ethical and moral principles



Shall uphold and abide by all the laws of Canada



Expression of diverse views and opinions with civility on all matters amongst CMPJ members is encouraged and respected.



CMPJ trustees and directors shall inculcate and demonstrate civility and orderly conduct in all affairs and activities of CMPJ



Shall promote interaction with people of all faiths and cultures with respect and without prejudice



Shall cooperate with Muslim and other organizations in Alberta and in Canada on a reciprocal basis on projects and programs that are in conformity with the purpose, values, objectives and guiding principles of CMP



CMPJ trustees and the directors shall promote and maintain unity within the organization



Shall encourage charitable work for social justice

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